Cooperative Living

Have you ever dreamed of living in maintenance-free housing? Have you ever thought how great it would be not to be putting money into the pockets of a landlord? Have you ever wished someone would cut your grass in the summer and plow snow from your sidewalks in the winter?

Well, if you’ve answered “yes” to those questions, cooperative housing at Birch Street Townhomes in Park Forest is the place where you should be!

In a housing cooperative, you’re one of the owners of the corporation that deals with those operations on a day-to-day basis. As a shareholder in the corporation, you elect a Board of Directors that hires and oversees professional staff that assures you have quality living conditions 24-hours-per-day. Residents of Birch Street Townhomes pay a monthly carrying charge that covers the cost of operations, but on a not-for-profit basis. What you pay is exactly what it costs to maintain the property in the very best conditions and no landlord is ever padding the charges to gain a personal profit. When you need some type of repair or service to your residence, someone is on the spot in a timely manner to handle things without any extra charge for the service.

While everyone can benefit from cooperative housing at Birch Street Townhomes, the advantages are especially of value to:

  • young families that are just getting started, because parents of younger children have more time to devote to their family needs when they are free from the worries of staying on top of daily property matters.
  • single heads of household, because as cooperative residents they don’t need to worry about doing everything by themselves
  • senior citizens, because they are free to travel as they wish, always aware that someone is going to look after their home while they’re gone.

Cooperative housing at Birch Street Townhomes offers solutions in all those regards, and also in many other areas, as a highly trained professional staff is at the ready to handle every situation as it comes up.

When compared to renting or home-ownership, cooperative housing at Birch Street Townhomes has many unique benefits, not the least of which is an economical quality of life, free from the whims of a landlord or the burdens of unexpected repair bills. Experience all the joys of having your own home, but without all the responsibilities.

Need more information?

If you would like additional information about The Park Forest Cooperative or cooperative housing, please visit our FAQ page.